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My life in words

ho says she there's my cap

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Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca...
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I like seeing things I like spoofed in other things I like.
a perfect circle, aclu, akbar & jeff, alice in chains, amnesty international, animal rights, ann arbor, apc, arguing, avenged sevenfold, beauty, beauty and the beast, behrooz araz, berkeley breathed, bill watterson, birth control, bloom county, boondocks, boys, calvin & hobbes, charlottesville, chocolate, condoms, culpeper, cute boys, d.c., dearborn heights, deftones, disney, dory, environmental justice, family planning, feminism, finding nemo, food, gene weingarten, gloria steinem, good books, guacamole, harry potter, hedonism, hemp, hinduism, human rights, incubus, india, indian food, irony, italian food, j.k rowling, jazz, jimi hendrix, jon stewart, jonathan taylor thomas, karma, kathak, lajon witherspoon, language, laughing, led zeppelin, legalization, linguistics, literature, madhuri dixit, male beauty, markdowns, matt groening, maynard james keenan, merope gaunt, mexican food, michigan, mixing drinks, moksha, music, musing, naral, night, pacifism, peace, percy jackson, planned parenthood, politics, pro-choice, rage against the machine, reproductive justice, rise against, rock, roe v. wade, samsara, san francisco, sarcasm, satire, saturday night live, seattle, self-love, shabana azmi, shohreh aghdashloo, sierra club, simpsons, snl, snow, soundgarden, south park, stone temple pilots, switzerland, sybill trelawney, the hunger games, the little mermaid, the moon, the simpsons, theatre, tina fey, tom toles, tool, university of michigan, university of virginia, vagina monologues, values, washington d.c., writing, zurich

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