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play idea: Sleeping Beauty
Yes, this is ripe for accusations of being derivative of Maleficent. It's derivative of that the way Hoodwinked is derivative of Shrek. Make of that what you will. I'm still wrestling with where this will lie on the sliding scale of wide eyed, dewy-eyed idealism versus dark cynicism.

Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance):

King Ajax
Queen Vesta, his wife
Princess Stelmaria (age 12, age 16, age 21), their daughter and only child, later Queen Regnant
Maleficent (juvenile, adolescent, adult)
Lucius, manservant to Maleficent
Roland, the Ostler and Stelmaria's husband and Prince Consort
Aurora, Stelmaria's and Roland's daughter
Thalia, Stelmaria's handmaiden and Aurora's wet nurse
Florizella, Sitara, Charmian, good fairies and caretakers of Aurora
Prince Hyacinthus
Members of the King's Army


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