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Star Crossed Lovers Are Magic Part II
at the Canterpulets' house

Prince Blueblood: Mr. Canterpulet, I have come to request your daughter’s hoof in marriage.

Lord Canterpulet: Giaralet? But she’s just a filly.

Blueblood: I know she’s young, but even younger fillies than she are happier broodmares made.

Lord Canterpulet: dubious face

Blueblood: And I’m rich.

Lord Canterpulet: Tempting,, not today. But hey, come to my party tonight! It’s a costume party!

wipe to Fluttershy's room, with Fluttershy as Giara-let (Juliet), Rainbow Dash as the Nurse, and Rarity as Lady Canterpulet

Fluttershy: You called, Mom?

Rarity: This is the matter - Nurse, give leave a wait, come back! - My daughter’s of a pretty age. Giaralet, you’re old enough to marry now. Are you excited about that?

Fluttershy: Um...not really.

Rarity: Oh darling, you’re not getting any younger. And Prince Blueblood himself has asked for your hoof in marriage. Such a stallion! And with all the riches! and he’d share it with you. What do you have to lose, darling?

Rainbow Dash: Nothing, she’d gain, ‘cause mares grow by stallions. Ha!

Rarity: Oh, you. Now, Giaralet, could you like Blueblood? He’ll be at our party tonight.

Fluttershy: Um, I guess...if you say so.

Rarity: Marvelous. exits

Rainbow Dash: Come on, don’t worry about it. Just have fun tonight, all right?

Wipe to Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Roan-eo

Roan-eo: I had this weird dream the other night...

Pinkie Pie: Oh oh! Queen Mustang’s been with you!

Applejack: Don’t -

Roan-eo: Queen Mustang?

Applejack: -ask.

Pinkie Pie: She comes galloping ‘round all Equestria and messes with everypony’s dreams. [insert more Queen Mabustang shenanigans here]

Applejack: Oh hey, look, we're at the party!

Roan-eo and Fluttershy see each other and fall in love.

Rainbow Dash: Hey, your mom’s looking for you.

She pulls away a reluctant Fluttershy.

RD: That’s Roan-eo, and he’s a Mount-ague.

Roan-eo: Oh no, she’s a Canterpulet. :(

Applejack: All right, it’s been a blast, but it’s time for us to mosey on home now! She grabs Pinkie Pie and Roan-eo and they exit.

Roan-eo: No, wait, I need to go back there and take care of something. He goes back.

Pinkie Pie: Oh you were right, Benfillia! He did forget all about Rhineland!


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